To a pitcher earned run average or ERA is used to measure how many runs a pitcher gives up during an inning. To a hitter BA (batting average) is everything. These two factors can mean the difference in play time, and if you’re in the big leagues, your paycheck. Pre-season and in-season baseball players, in general, have an array of tools to assist them during practices. Hit-a-ways, pitchers tents and nets, along with bat weights are usually standard equipment seen in use on a field. One of the most prized possessions to any team is the pitching machine.

The Value

So when the stadium lights have dimmed, and the season is over with, how does a player stay on his game? The portability of the pitching machine is great because you can take it most anywhere. If you have an outdoor cage, or can even construct some enclosed netting in your backyard, you can practice hitting almost year round (adverse weather permitting of course.)

Most of the better pitching machines come with variable speeds which help a player with fastballs, inside and outside breaking balls, which are what many pitchers throw anyway. As long as you have a decent place to put one, these gadgets really help athletes stay relevant post-season.

Why This Machine Can Be Better Than A Human

Granted when you can swing away at a real live person throwing some heat, there’s a level of excitement which is hard to beat. Throwing arms eventually get tired though and need to be cared for, iced, rested and such because once a pitcher blows out an arm, it’s all over with. Automatic throwing devices can throw hundreds of pitches, most accurately, without an issue. As long as you have power running to the unit, you can shore up batting practice for hours on end.

The other reason these devices are great is hitters can work on their timing with a machine with variable speeds. Though swing correction can only be truly focused on with human to human instruction, once you get your hips, arms, and shoulders to where you can consistently hit, you then use the batting cage and pitching machine to make subtle adjustments. Again, this is merely a tool to ensure a player gets consistent hitting time before, during and after the season.

Regular use of this along with proper diet, physical conditioning, good sleep and habits, and players can continue to rope ’em all year long.