Coaching  – A good site for new and existing coaches with help on running a practice to organizing a team.
Title IX – If you’re a girl or woman who wants to play baseball, check here for what you need to know.
Programs – College and universities who have baseball programs are listed here.
Scouts – Updated resource full of scouts, who they are, where they look, and for what teams is here.
Player Assessment – This PDF skills evaluation form can be molded to any type of tryout. Free and downloadable.
Tryout Camps – A 2017 list of where to be if you want to be seen as a contender for MLB.
Tryout Prep – You need to read this site to know exactly how to prep for a major audition for the big leagues.
Scout Talk – What you need to know and what the leagues are looking for straight from the source who helps find talent.
Tryouts Women – Solid information for those ready, willing and able to play like the big boys do.

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